Who knows what happened. Maybe it was the meteorite that hit the recycling plant, or that weird explosion at the lab. Whatever it was, some weird sh*t is going down! Now 10,000 of these radioactive mutants are let loose on the blockchain!

They may be degens but the Crypto Frens come in peace. Their mission is to hang out, chill and spread good vibes. Join the coolest f'n club on the blockchain and give one of these guys a home in your crypto wallet today!


Over a year in the making, the Crypto Frens project is a product of the imagination of Grokko—professional artist and veteran of the NFT space.

After hand-drawing all of the artwork, coding and generating the NFTs, endless months were spent going over the collection, refining and tweaking to the next level.

The end result is a painstakingly assembled collection of ten-thousand degenerate mutants that are sure to brighten up your wallet... in a radioactive kind of way.

Sketch Fren

Traits & Rarity

Quadrillion Combos

With up to seventeen different traits and an average of thirty options for each, there are a lot of possible trait combinations... like a lot, a lot.

The trait variables are all mapped onto a rarity curve, but wait... that's not all! I don't believe collectibility is something that should be dictated. The collection is shot through with hidden traits, easter eggs and other funny quirks. The community, not just the rarity tools, get to decide what's collectible.


There are four different types of Fren—Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. Traits are spread more or less equally across them but there are different numbers of each.

Going forward, the rarity of the types will come into play with regard to perks and rewards, with Alpha being the most favourable.


1k Alpha


2k Beta


3k Gamma


4k Delta


Sprinkled throughout the collection are twenty-one super rare Theta type. Each of them is a completely unique hand-drawn 1/1. Eleven of them have been pre-minted to the project wallet to use as giveaways and prizes. The other ten are scattered throughout the collection as surprise mints for lucky minters.

The Mission

Goals and Mission Stuff...

🥦 Everything Organic — There is no marketing department. I haven't paid influencers, schmoozed whales, or bought advertising to promote the project. The core team consists of me, myself and I. I've done all the art and tech. The awesome Cappy helps out with discord and the occasional pep-talk.

🔑 Community Is Key — Without a community, this is just me and some funny drawings on a hard drive. I want the project to appeal to like-minded folks and I want to hear what they have to say. Creatives, dreamers, nerds, misfits... step up and choose your own adventure!

🦄 Anything Is Possible — The space is so new and everyone is making it up as they go along. Exciting times! As long as we keep our feet on the ground and head in the sky, mind-blowing things can happen. With your support, I want to be one of the builders, making those things happen!


Mint is currently CLOSED!

Check the discord for the latest deets!